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Free Up Your Police Officers To Respond To Priority Calls For Service And Let Public Security Secure Static Posts, Conduct Traffic Control And Conduct Patrols

Public Security LLC stands ready to supplement your State, County , Town, Code Enforcement and Police agencies so they can respond to priority calls for service.

Moving into 2021 Public Security LLC  forecasts more civil unrest across the nation and a second round of Coronavirus quarantine. The overburden on Police agencies has created an unsafe environment for the public and has delayed Police response to emergencies.

Use Public Security LLC to free up your assets so they can always be ready to respond to priority calls for service. 

Consider using use to take over some of lower priority duties of your agency

Traffic control

Fixed posts

Code enforcement 

Parking enforcement 

Animal abuse and neglect

Park Ranger duties

Patrols and welfare check of properties

Protecting Police stations

Court house security 

Water supply security patrol checks

National infrastructure security checks